Hawaiian Salad

I can’t take credit for this recipe, my Grandmother used to make it frequently (along with many others I’m sure) and when my Mom mentioned she made it I jumped for joy.  I haven’t had this since sweet salad for years and it brings back so many nice memories of my Grandmother and family gatherings during the hot summer months. This simple salad contains mandarin oranges, pineapple, mini marshmallows and shredded coconut. It’s perfect when chilled out of the refrigerator on a hot humid day!


Food Magazine Inpsiration – The Inspired Plate

I recently joined an amazing group called The Inspired Plate, a wonderful group of female photographers from around the country that hold monthly food photography challenges. I’m so excited to be apart of this and share everything I’m learning each month. This month was to shoot an inspired magazine cover photo. I choose Strawberries as my recipe base and originally as of this morning this was supposed to be a tart BUT I realize I’m not a great tart baker and my first tart bombed because I cooked it too long and the tart pan I bought was a little bigger than what the recipe called…details matter people! 😉 Anyway, I improvised and ground the tart shell in a food processor and made it into a Tart in a Jar! Perfect for summer and tonight’s dessert with family 🙂 Hope you like my inspired magazine cover, I loved designing the cover and well I’m very happy with how well it all came together.

Now head on over to  Kay Pickens | Columbia MO Food Photographer  http://kaypickens.com/food-magazine-inspiration/and check out her magazine inspired cover!

Cake in a cup.

I found this recipe online through…yup you guessed it! Foodgawker! The husband LOVED it so much he ate two! I love that I have all of the ingredients in my house all the time so this is something that I can make on a whim when I have a sweet tooth, isn’t it great when things work out?!