The Inspired Plate – Seafood two ways.

This month’s challenge was Seafood two ways; raw and cooked. Well this is a perfect challenge when you live in a coastal state and I had an idea immediately to work with Scallops. Then I saw their price tag: $14.99/lb! Now here me out, I would normally pay that if 1. I wasn’t cooking to feed a grown man who loves his seafood and my teenage godson and 2. this other idea didn’t come to mind when I came across Maine Mussels for only ONE DOLLAR PER POUND. I came up with a combination of a white wine, lemon and garlic dish. I added some tomatoes and parsley and it all came together so well!

The raw seafood I chose was a nice New England Lobster roll grilled on a buttered roll ( Mussels just aren’t that photogenic when they’re closed). Yes the Lobster is technically not raw because it’s cooked and then chilled but I’m sure the talented food photographers in our group will let this slide 😉 Please follow along and check out Tiffany Dahle


8 thoughts on “The Inspired Plate – Seafood two ways.

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  2. How beautiful are these! I am really diggin’ your red & white checkered napkin. It makes me think of eating these yummy delights on a seaside patio in the summer sun with the wind wafting through your hair… You did a great job, I must confess I’ve never had a lobster roll, but yours look scrumptious. 🙂

  3. Seafood certainly isn’t cheap at all, I don’t blame you for not buying the scallops! Love the cute red gingham you’ve used for the lobster roll sandwiches, it really pops against the green lettuce. The mussels look pretty darn tasty too. I’m hungry looking at these!

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