Food Magazine Inpsiration – The Inspired Plate

I recently joined an amazing group called The Inspired Plate, a wonderful group of female photographers from around the country that hold monthly food photography challenges. I’m so excited to be apart of this and share everything I’m learning each month. This month was to shoot an inspired magazine cover photo. I choose Strawberries as my recipe base and originally as of this morning this was supposed to be a tart BUT I realize I’m not a great tart baker and my first tart bombed because I cooked it too long and the tart pan I bought was a little bigger than what the recipe called…details matter people! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I improvised and ground the tart shell in a food processor and made it into a Tart in a Jar! Perfect for summer and tonight’s dessert with family πŸ™‚ Hope you like my inspired magazine cover, I loved designing the cover and well I’m very happy with how well it all came together.

Now head on over toΒ  Kay Pickens | Columbia MO Food Photographer Β check out her magazine inspired cover!


12 thoughts on “Food Magazine Inpsiration – The Inspired Plate

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  2. Sorry to hear your tart base was the wrong size 😦 I like how you just kept going with the plan and came up with a creative alternative! I’d totally eat those, they look tasty πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry to hear about your tart size mishap! This making food business is a lot less forgiving than it looks, one mistake and there’s no going back. Love that you came up with a creative solution, these look very tasty, I’d definitely eat them πŸ™‚

  4. Mason jars!! I love them! And, I know from experience that your set-up is way harder than it looks. I love how your layers are nice and clean in the jar. Mine turned out a big sloppy mess. Did you have to wipe it clean between layers or do you have some kind of magic filling method?? So pretty. Love the light and colors, too. Welcome to the group, can’t wait to see more of your challenges in the coming months!

  5. Oh Cayce!! I love the tart in a jar.. I would much prefer this to the pan style. It reminds me of a trifle.. LOVE trifles! πŸ™‚

    I love your cover.. it has a beautiful vintage feel. The colors and recipe are amazing! I am so glad you have joined us.. I am thrilled to be sharing in these challenges with you and look forward to our next challenge too. Love your work Cayce!!

  6. Oh Yummy…..those look scrumptious. This is a perfect magazine cover to lead us into the warmer summer months, ripe, juicy berries and neat little jar sized desserts. Nice job.

  7. I love this, YUM!! Awesome job improvising when things didn’t go exactly to plan…sometimes it works out for the best that way!! Fantastic styling job, the layers are perfection and I can really get a sense of what these might taste like. So glad you have joined our group!!!!!

  8. Love this cover, what a clever idea and so well carried out. I like your composition and the strawberries at the bottom and a great eye catching area of interest. Nice job!

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